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Since its inception in 1988, Process Precision Instruments (better known as PPI), rapidly established itself as a quality manufacturer and supplier of high precision process control instruments to a very varied clientele that covered diverse industries right from Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cements, Papers, Rubbers to Nuclear, Scientific and Research Establishments. The stringent process requirements from these demanding customers allowed the Company to cross several milestones; whilst delivering solutions to demanding requirements.

Almost all the products the Company produces are customer and application driven.

The Company boasts of an enviable reputation with several firsts to its credit. The creed has been to couple technological excellence with high quality to enable our customers to have their processes or plants up and running – fast. This approach has helped the company in establishing very long standing relationships with several OEMs.

The Company today produces over a hundred different variants of products aimed at the process control market and the range includes high-end 'neuro' series Universal Process Indicators and Controllers, 'X' series Temperature Indicators, Scanners and On-Off / PID Controllers, 'HumiTherm' series Composite 'Temperature + Humidity' Instruments, 'DigiLog' series Data Recorders, 'Insta' series Timers, 'Qunta' series Counters as well as the more recent introduction of a Distributed Control System (DCS).

Sensors – which form the basic transducer for any measurement is often a very critical element in the entire control loop. To ensure stability to processes, the Company ventured into the manufacture of Precision Sensors – to enable process instrumentation requirements to be completely satisfied. We guarantee precise control because we have strived and perfected both the sensing as well as the controlling elements.

All products are subject to stringent quality checks to ensure compliance to specifications and standards. Quality audit records are maintained and provided on request.

We can partner you in your next project and deliver on our promise - as always.